Access Policy Principles

“A new network for a new world” means an access policy that supports investment in renewable energy generation.

The core principles of the access policy de-risk the network and provide control and certainty to renewable power generation customers. The principles are:

  1. Secure transfer capacity,
  2. Predictable loss factors,
  3. No adverse impacts within the New England Link Network from new customers,
  4. Tradable capacity rights,
  5. Inter-zone transfers.

A secure transfer capacity right provides New England Link’s customers with certainty that their power will be transferred from their plant to a strong point in the regulated network with a very low risk of curtailment.

The apportionment of losses within the New England Link system will be based on actual losses over each five minute trading interval. Foundation Customers’ and Stage One Customers’ losses will be protected from the I2R effect of new entrants eroding loss factors.

New customers will only be granted access to the network on the basis that they will not adversely impact existing customers’ transfer rights, loss factors or connection charges. New England Link may upgrade or expand the network to facilitate new customers from time to time; existing customers may benefit from these upgrades.

Capacity rights will be tradable allowing, for example, a solar farm to sell its night time capacity to other customers.

The access policy will facilitate inter-zone transfers through the New England Link Market Interconnector.

There will be no Rhombus of Regret on the New England Link System.