A New Network for a New World

A Bankable Network for Renewable Generators

New England Link is a project for Renewable Generators.

The project will provide firm capacity, predicable loss factors and sufficient system strength to enable our customers efficient access to market with minimal risk of curtailment.

Other than during the most extreme situations, there will be no constraints to generation customers on the New England Link Network.

The access policy will be much like a pipeline or rail access policy, where firm transmission capacity from the customer’s gate to a strong location on the regulated network is contracted and cannot be ‘oversold’.

Project Concept

The Project will consist of a 330 kV connection between Uralla (south of Armidale) and Punchs Creek (east of Millmerran) with (subject to customer demand) an optional extension north to Halys (near Tarong) and/or south to Liddell.

Intermediate hubs will be included to connect local renewable energy projects at Guyra, Deepwater and in the western Granite Belt. The northern extension will include hubs near Jodaryan and the Bunyas (south of Halys) and the southern extension will include hubs at Dungowan and Rouchel.

A series of spoke connections will run from each hub to connection each customer.

The exact location of hubs and connection points will be confirmed once agreements with landholders have been made.

Flow between the two NEM zones will be controlled with phase shifting transformers and the easement will be sufficiently wide enough to allow expansion to 500 kV.